How to disable viewport tabs at bottom of screen?

They are a complete waste of space.

Found it:

Right click on one of the tabs, then select Hide Tabs (or similar). I tried right clicking on the bar next to the tabs before.


If you do not want them to open at all, set this in Options > Appearance page > Show the following items".


Thanks, @pascal. I have seen the option “Viewport tabs at start”, but didn’t know what it does, as clicking it had no immediate effect (obivously). Proposal: Rename to “Viewport tabs”, and when clicking it make the viewport tabs toggle right away, just like “Status bar”, “Viewport titles”, etc.

But perhaps there is a reason for the weirdness?

Tabs are object containers in the Microsoft framework, don’t believe it’s possible to safely toggle those on/off while preserving the viewports.

All rubish.

At least toggling tabs off works, as it can be done with the right mouse button. But toggling them back on may be impossible without a restart.

Not in front of my computer to double check, but viewportTabs should alow you to toggle them

Note that you need to right right click on a tab, not just anywhere on the bar with the tabs.