Cannot restore Tabs

Hi, Must have clicked something… all tabs have disappeared. The “Show” in Viewports tabs command does nothing and no sign of any tab settings in “Options-Appearance” or anywhere else I can see… How do I get them back?

Many thanks


Hi Jack -

There’s the Viewport tabs at start option in Rhino Options -> Appearance.
In Advanced, you could try resetting the Rhino.Options.Appearance.ViewportTabs option to defaults.

Hi - thanks, But there is no “Tabs” in the Options->Appearance (Just Colors, Toolbars or Containers) and Checked Rhino.Options.Appearance.ViewportTabs` option is set to 1 (default). Uninstalled Rhino 8 and reinstalled and still same. All very odd.

I can find all the controls I need in the drop-downs, but lack of tabs is really slowing down things!


Hi Jack - the setting is here:



I just got there - but via Windows layouts → default Windows layout…

No idea how I switched it off!