How to delete uv mapping?

How to get rid of uv mapping?
These are uv mapping meshes.

When choosing them, it shows from which surface they were from.
Items does not exist anymore. I deleted them because of this weird action.
There is nothing in render now.

I used delete mapping and unwrap but they still are here.
Tried delete them but…

Frustrated because of deadlines…

This whole case is so weird. Or maybe I’m stupid or then I just don’t know how…

Blue (and grey with material) are original parts.
Green is unrolled.
Red is uv editor (I moved parts away from each other to see better)

You can see original is very simple part.

This view is rendered mode.

I changed the color but nothing happens. Pink, select objects in scene…

How can I move original part now? I used gumball.

Still there?
Or is it?

Vray render. Gumball did not move it.
Pressign the part it will not activate it. Pressing from the point I “moved” it activates it…

I need to move it, what to do? I can’t delete uv editor.


Is the UVeditor dialog still open? You’d have two buttons Apply and Cancel in it and it may be docked.

Can you upload a 3dm file if that doesn’t help?

Thank you Brian, it helped. Can I open it again somehow?
I want to copy it and move uv a little bit so that it looks different.
Or do I have to make it again?

I can’t get it work. I watched your uv mapping video but…

Why it is 90deg? Why it is wrong size? Why I can’t explode it if I want to move the seam? Why are they in the wrong order? Why meshes are wrong sized? Why only some of the meshes are 90 deg?

I made the box exactly the size of the model but it rotates it and then it is wrong sized…

I don’t understand why it can’t work like unroll.

I’ll need a sample model uploaded, I can’t tell what the issue(s) migth be. Some guesses though are that you are working with Extrusions not Surfaces or PolySurfaces, these have lower poly render meshes. Or you need to adjust the texture’s settings in the applied material. Or you need an alternate mapping method or different seam selection.