Deleting UVs?

How can I delete the UVs on a ribbon type surface. I created a ribbon (one rail sweep) and used the UV editor to place the mesh exactly where I wanted on my texture map. Now, exiting the UV editor, I’ve manipulated my CVs on the ribbon to get a bit of a random flow with kinks but the map doesn’t flow with the ribbon…it sticks to the old UVs position created in the editor. I want to be able to delete the old edit and create a new UV map. How?


Hi Paul, if i understand correctly, you´ll need to _Unwrap it again (The button with the present icon). If you have seams picked in your first unwrap, use the PreviousSeamSelection option when it asks for seams. Note that it will delete the old edits. Does that help ?


Thanks…I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Where is the Present Icon, by the way? I couldn’t find it and just typed it in. This didn’t work the way I had expected…basically I have a ribbon with type repeated along it. One rail sweep. If I take CVs and try to manipulate it at all my UVs get all messed up. The type no longer follows the ribbon properly but jumps around. Unwrapping the ribbon just places it diagonally across the map making it completely unusable…becomes just a mess.

I just figure I should be able to manipulate the ribbon with it’s CVs and the type should stick and follow the edits. It doesn’t follow the edits. Don’t know if this is a bug or user-error.

To add. I just did the same thing in Modo and was able to manipulate the ribbon and the texture map ‘stuck’. It behaved predictably. Move the CVs/Verts and the texture map follows the edit.

This should happen in Rhino so this is either a bug or a feature request.

I just want to be sure I’m clear here. After I do the CV edits the map continues to flow across the ribbon as if there were no CV edits done. For example, if there is a vertical move of the CVs the map is mapped as if the CVs are still in the original place.

An image should show the issue. Plus the (116.4 KB)

Hi Paul, it is the first icon in the properties / Texture mapping dialog.

I´ve tried to make a ribbon using a simple Sweep1 and unwrapped it using the _Unwrap command. If i then move control points of the ribbon itself, the map seems to follow my edits (made with gumball) but only until i release the gumball, then it jumps back here too ! That behaviour is indeed unexpected, it seems to work only if i use surface mapping instead of UV based mapping.

After some testing i´ve found that i can repeat what you get from modo only if i convert the nurbs object into a mesh. (using Mesh or ExtractRenderMesh commands). Then the map follows all edits made by transforming mesh vertices, even if UV based mapping is used. To transfrom the mesh vertices, i´ve used the SoftMove command.

Btw. from you image i suggest to use the surface mapping type.


Thanks Clement! I think I’ll probably do all of the CV ribbon edits with the map attached and then extract a curve from that and re-sweep it. Should be fine then.