Confusion with UV mapping unwrap

Hey there,
I’m trying to map a texture onto a mesh using unwrap and the UV editor. I’ve unwrapped, positioned, and adjusted the UVs of each mesh face, and it looks correct while the UV editor is open, but as soon as I close the editor, the mapping changes, and parts get stretched out.

What am I missing?

Hello - If you are not, you need to click ‘Apply’ in the UV editor panel. Is that better?



That’s due to the welded vertices of the single mesh.

Try this…

Use the command UnweldVertex
Drag a fence selection over your mesh to select all the vertices>Enter
Run the Explode command on the mesh
Run Join on the mesh

If it still doesn’t look right in Rendered mode, save and reopen the file or use Raytraced mode instead.

FYI I also filed this as a bug in case the developers have an idea on how to handle the case in OpenGL

Yep, this fixed it, thanks!