Uv mapping gets destroyed when transforming vertices

See attached file, mapping is destroyed when the vertices are transformed. Exporting the object and reimporting fixes this, and after that vertices still can be transformed while keeping the mapping in tact.

BUT: after running UVEditor on that object again, transforms are no longer possible without destroying the mapping

both in 6.22 and wip


uv-mapping-bug.3dm (395.7 KB)

I’ve got another UV editor issue:

running UV editor, it looks fine:

after apply I get this:

dirty workouround: ExtractRenderMesh during UvEditor, then deleting the mesh and apply ‘bakes’ in the correct mapping

Hi Gijs - thanks, I see this.
@Gijs - the mapping is from UVEditor, correct?..hmmm. The mapping widget does not get transformed with the object. is what it looks like (MappingWidget command).




the second bug I posted is also unwrapped using Unwrap, then uvEditor.


example of the second bug:


uvEditor-bug.3dm (444.5 KB)

edit: I think I know why this happens: because the edges are still welded after the unwrap / uveditor. Running unweld also solves the mapping

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