How to customize sidebar

It looks like I can customize my tabs and drop down menus that are layed out across the top of my workspace with the Workspace Editor.

However there doesn’t seem to be anything that lets me customize the sidebar.

With the default settings - As I select the different tabs, sometimes I get the side bar that changes too.

I would like to be able to customize the tabs, their ‘content’ and a corresponding sidebar.

Is this possible?

I saw in help section a reference to at least customize the sidebar, but that was for Mac only…I couldn’t find the equivalent on Windows.

Help is appreciated - Thank you.

P.S. I have very responsive Mouse settings and work well with it. Also, being very visual oriented, many of the commands that I type can be done faster ( for me, even faster than keyboard shorcuts ), by using the Mouse. So I’m trying to ‘fill’ up the tabs and sidebar with operations that I use most often.

Hi BabaJ - if you right-click on a tab, and choose Properties, you can set what happens to the side bar, if anything, when that tab is selected.


Ok…I see…there’s a drop down menu for the Sidebar selection.

But is there a place where you can create a customized sidebar ( containing only what you want ) that you can select it from the drop down menu?

Hi BabaJ - you’d make a toolbar with the things you want, and that toolbar would show up on the dropdown.


Ah…ok…I see…do that in the Workspace Editor. It’s like you can have it duplicated…going across under the tab and if you wanted also down in the sidebar.

Thanks Pascal