Toolbars ? And beyond

Hi to all, hope I dont get scolded too bad, but toolbars is always a management thing for me. As I understand it Tabs are great. They convert to many usable tools as you convert one Tab to the next.
Then there are the sidebars ( ex. Main, Main1, etc. Can sidebars be cordinated like tabs to automatically give as many options that relate to Curves ( for ex.). So besides giving the ones on the Tab of curves you could have the sidebars would give that many more related to to curve . As you go through your Tabs these sidebars become relavent to the active Tab.
Thanks for reading. 3 years into Rhino and looking forward to v6. And that sub- d. Stuff

Let me get this straight- you have used the word ‘toolbars’ and you’re not complaining? Do I have that right?



Further explanation would be having Tabs be linked to optional toolbars that could be activated or not, but for me to see as many options means I’m not looking for something somwhere else. I hope the idea got across .
Basically extending the Tabs bar with an additional toolbar activated in conjuction with the coresponding Tab. Hew!

Hi Mark - I am not sure I get what you are asking but - the way it is meant to work, every tab can have an associated sidebar - so if you activate the Curves tab at the top (in the default toolbar setup) there should be a sidebar that swaps out that has more curve related tools - is that what you are asking about? Some tabs do not have sidebars assigned but most do.


Ok thank you , i will get into that.

OK… I guess the question is, is it working? If it is, I’d think you would have seen it in action already. In any case, to associate a sidebar group with a tab, right click on the tab and choose Properties.


The time I draw is 2 to 3 hours per day. I will investigate and look more throughly and reply back if I’m not seeing your explanation. Thanks again for your patience.

Hi Pascal, when I got home and was able t start up Rhino, i wet to right click on curve tab and then to properties . Went to sidebar. It was on main . As I went through the Tabs , nothing changed on the sidebar to reflect the Tab selected. In fact nothing changed. I also changed main to main2. Still no difference. Any advice? I am up to date on sr11

Hi Mark- if you are using the default toolbars, please run ToolbarReset and restart Rhino - does any of this work now?


That is what I did and I am baxk a happy camper once sgain . Apreciate your message and info and time.