How to create wave balcony in grasshopper

How to create a wave building similar to ‘11 Hoyt’ but the waves to be created through balconies rather than bay windows.

@Joseph_Oster need your help in this.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files
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Tried this but its too repetitive. Wanted something similar to 11 Hoyt where the origin starts at any corner(Top or bottom) and then the wave propogates to other towers,
Aditya Wave Model_RhinoR1.3dm (2.9 MB)
Aditya Wave (12.6 KB)

Some inspiration ?.. (19.0 KB)

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Hi, Thanks for the help, but i wanted to stagger balcony in a curve rather staggering along straight lines.

This should work the same. Draw two outer arcs or curves in Rhino (with the same amount of control points), reference them in the purple group and see what happens…

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Aditya Wave (20.4 KB)