Need help for creating facade

Hello there,
I am trying to create facade which is shown in this image.
I am new to this as I just started learning this software last month.
so far I reached to certain level only. Can anyone help me to make this facade???

Here I have uploaded image of facade and the grasshopper definition that i have created.

Thank a lot in Advanced. (13.3 KB)

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Firstly: please post the reference (building + architect/designer)

based on this photograph I made a quick sketch of the geometry; I don’t know if this is actually going on. So there is some goniometry going on by which you could move the points you created. I assume that the wavy strips are singly curved, so there is no torsion.

Hopefully it’s useful. Don’t have the time to give it a try right now.


First of all sorry for the missing information…

Reference details are
Building : Groningen Medical Faculty
Architect : The RAU Architectural Team

and thanks you for giving the foundation understanding of form.

I will try to resolve it based on your explanation.

I have given it a try and I am quite satisfied with the result.
The only thing is that the panels inbetween the waves are not planar, but I didn’t want to spend more time on it.

This building is actually designed by UNStudio. Rau architects desinged another part of the faculty.


In the description they say they aren’t planar.

"The facade is constructed from flat, vertical aluminum slats, which, in places, are twisted outwards in bowed forms. "


I actually didn’t read the description before posting the link :sweat_smile:

(I meant the green surfaces inbetween the waves; I assume that these are planar.
And for the grasshopper file I assumed the wavy strips were singly curved strips.)

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Thank you so much…
I am Extremely satisfied with your end product…
can u share grasshopper fie for study purpose?

Sure! But I haven’t tried to clean it up: wave facade (40.5 KB)


Thanks a lot…

It did grate help me to understand grasshopper definition…

do you handle any YouTube channel or anything similar