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Hello my Name Is Jose. I am looking for help with this program for a project at my university. I am having many problems since this program we did not learn in any course and they are asking me for a final delivery. I’m a little desperate because I can not achieve the result I’m looking for. If someone could help me I would appreciate it very much. They do not know how difficult it is that my final grade and that I approve the course.

Description.pdf (2.4 MB) (411.4 KB)
VOL RHINO2 (1).3dm (212.1 KB)


I suggest you talk with your advisor and inform them that you are having difficulty with the software.


Hi Jose,

I had quick go at creating something that I think you are after? Images below show the outline created with a few different random seeds:

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for how you can go about creating this geometry. Its a bit of a lazy first-thing-in-the-morning script but should be pretty easy to follow! To change the ‘randomness’ of the floor you just need to change the start seed of the random number generator. You could connect the start seed to the floor level number and that would give you a different shape on each floor.

You should note though that random isn’t necessarily good (usually quite the opposite), and the project you reference doesn’t have random balconies at all, but instead balconies that clearly follow a ‘rippling’ vertical surface. There may be some apparent randomness to that surface, but that too seems to follow a wave form, so would be generated by a mathematical function rather than random numbers.

Random (18.6 KB)


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hi, you can watch this video, it may help

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Thank you a lot bro

Thank you matt it helped me very much!!! Thank you!