How to create VA element grasshopper definition with a host object?

Is there a way to create a visualarq element grasshopper definition (e.g. an air-exchange unit as depicted below) that has as a host a wall (or other VA architectural object?)

If so - how to write the grasshopper definition?

You can at least create a Gh style Door or Window that are connected to a host element and you can define the hole size and shape yourself freely.
If Window-type is ok for you, maybe start here: (Doors windows - VisualARQ)

Thanks for the suggestion but that seems ā€˜hackyā€™. It would be great if you could select a host when defining an elementā€¦

Hi Sven, only Doors and Windows object types can be inserted in walls, and therefore the other object types canā€™t link and generate an opening in walls. No matter if they are created as Grasshopper styles or not. However, I take note of this request as an interesting feature for future versions. So this way other object types (Element, Furnitureā€¦) could get linked to walls, independently if they generate openings on them or not.

As Toni suggests, right now Iā€™d rather use a window object to create that element from a Grasshopper definition.

As a relevant information, just in case you are not aware of this feature, you can obtain the thickness of the host in the GH file, using this syntax in the parameter name (i.e NumberSlider) component: %<>%, and use it to generate the proper dimensions on the final object.



Que tambiƩn los curtain walls se puedan insertar en las paredes. Gracias

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Thanks for the reply. Linking object types to other object types would be incredibly useful (e.g. linking a sink element to the countertop) and I hope youā€™ll implement this soon.

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