How to create Surfaces on cadaveric-based Microscribe models. (Irregular surfaces)

I need to be able to create surfaces on complex frames such as the one pictured in the photo. I am a student researcher currently creating 3D models of nerve fibers in the human mouth. All my data is based on cadaveric specimens and recorded on Rhino using a Microscribe. Creating the wire mesh from Microscribe data points has been the easiest part of this process, but for weeks I have not been successful in creating surfaces on the irregular shapes of the human mouth, e.g. the tongue and mandible, and am now at wits end.

Will you please help me resolve this problem?

Thank you!

Hi Craig- can you post a file with your curves? The quick and easy and maybe good enough way out here is to use Patch on all of the curves at once.



I hope this works! I am new to Rhino have not been able to find the solution in the user manuals or on YouTube.

Thank you Pascal,


trigeminal2494.3dm (357.0 KB)

See how this works for you - Patch did not trim the surface, I used Trim afterwards, selecting all the preimeter curves (SelChain) as the cutters.

trigeminal2494_PG.3dm (574.7 KB)


This is exactly what I was looking for! How can I do this? I have a lot more surfaces just like it that I need to create.


I effectively used patch to create a surface, but now I need to figure out how you snapped the mesh surface to the polylines.

Hi Craig - I’ll be able to get back to you on this more usefully in a couple of days - I am out of the office a bit this week.


Thank you! I will be back in my lab on Tuesday and will message you then. Have a nice weekend! @pascal

@Craig_Clayton - this clip might be enough to get you started -


Brilliant @pascal! Thank you!

I cannot figure out why, but the trim tool is not working as you illustrate in the video you sent me. I follow the video exactly with the SelChain tool step, but when it comes to selecting the surface or object for editing Rhino does not recognize that I am clicking on the newly created surface. Any ideas?

Thanks Tanner. I did not realize you were still
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