Rhino - Complex Surfaces - I Need Help

I am modeling sunglasses, using patches, sweeps, surface blending. Patches seem to be my most successful solution to creating the most complex surfaces yet I struggle mightily. I have attached a few pics of my latest challenge and not sure what to do.
I have created a semi high quality smooth curved surface when I use the lens shape, Image 1 & 2.
When I retry with the bridge hole and raised bridge detail, Image 4&5, I cannot get the surface to smooth out. I can add isocurves, create my own curves… can’t get the surface to work.

Is there a solution within the Rhino toolbox or method?
Am I trying to get too precise with this program? I have only been using Rhino for 5 months.

Rhino is super precise so you should be good :wink:
But basically patches are for those areas where loft, sweep1, networksrf and surface from 4curves doesn’t cut it. So try to use networksurface and then trim it down.
I’m on my phone here so I can’t illustrate, but if you can share the file then I am sure you’ll get some help!

Thanks Holo. I have included a file with the elements. Haven’t used Networksurface, will mess with it.SunTest.3dm (3.1 MB)

to be fair, generally you should also avoid NetworkSrf as far as you can, this is after Patch one of the lesser precise tools of Rhino. only use it if no other strategy works out. avoid too much patch work with many little patches, for sure then when the input curves are non planar non rectangular, that will often warp up.

for glasses you can try the following method, i didnt look at your file but have mocked you up an “ugly” piece, maybe it helps.

after that its just fillet or blends for example.

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Thanks for your response. Yeah, I think this is a bit beyond what you are suggesting.