Circle Packing on Surface

Hi Guys.

I got an example of circle packing in rhino here :

I am wondering, is it possible to pack the circles on 3D surface using using within the specified are on surface ? ( Like curve boundry on surface)

If you ‘Google’ the topic, you should find a lot of information this - perhaps even an algorithm or two. But Rhino does not have a build-in function that will do this…

Thanx Dale

Will do that

Hi guys

Pls check the posted image.
How can i do this ?

Another option is to implement the Kangaroo2 library by @DanielPiker. It is quite terrific for packing circles on all sorts of surfaces. You could do this either using Grasshopper or by implementing the KangarooSolver.dll straight in your VB code (at least in theory).

Kangaroo is not working for me. getting message to download the latest service release.

any other method which will give me a start ??

So why not download the latest service release?

Is it possible to use the KangarooSolver.dll in ?
because i have coded the project in not using Grasshopper.

@DanielPiker, is this something you can help with?

any help guys ?

If you are interested in Kangaroo, you should post your questions here: