How to create plating sections from a hull surface

Seeking guidance on how to go about allocating plating sections from a hull surface. See below sample image of the final outcome after defining a plate section. Thanks in advance.

Hi Sav - are you askking about how to determine where the plates should start and stop, or how to get them split out of the larger surface or?


Hi Pascal. Thanks for your reply.

Yes for the latter, how to split a single large surface (stbd hull) and divide into plates. Standard aluminium sheet 6mx2m.


Hi Sav -
While there are a few users around here that are in the shipbuilding industry, to get help from most here, you should assume that nobody here knows anything about that.
What is stopping you from splitting that single surface?

Hi Wim
Thanks for jumping in with your remarks. Sounds like this should be a simple task. I’m familiar with the basic split function but not sure how to apply it here.
Below is a sample image of a hull surface. The red lines denote the edges where I would like to split/subdivide the original single surface; and at the same time maintaining the original shape. In other words: Once the surface has been split/subdivided along those red lines; If I take those individual surfaces (plates) and put then together (Join), the original surface shape will remain unaltered.

Hope that helps identify the task I’m looking to achieve.


If it’s a normal NURBS surface, there should be absolutely no deformation from just splitting the surface. Basically you should be able to just draw your “grid”, use Split in the side (or appropriate) view, and the newly divided surface should maintain its shape. If you are seeing some sort of deformation from splitting the surface, something is amiss. Post the surface and lines/curves in question - makes it a lot easier to help.
HTH, Jakob

Building an Aluminum Sailboat Pt 4 - How the Hull Plates are Shaped - YouTube

YouTube suggestion… :slight_smile:

Hi Martin. That’s exactly where I realised that plating could be done in Rhino.
Now I’m seeking guidance on how to subdivide the hull surface into plates.