Join splitted surfaces into one nurbs

I have here a boats hull that has been organised as a develpable surface in Multisurf, the exported. It is now splitted in many

single surfaces, is there a way to join those to a single nurb surface, even if the result differs slightly from the original(s)

you want to have one single nurbs surface? my understanding is that since you have developable surfaces that might not work ( i am guessing now tbh) if attempted it could interpolate a curvature which might not be wanted.

maybe you can get the original curves/surfaces before it was made developable. trying to merge the hull into a more manageable amount might be also rather tedious and by the workload no less than rebuilding it from scratch.

Dear @lausl - to answer your question:
command _mergeSrf

Before you merge the surfaces, you should
_changeDegree 5 5 (if you want a fast solution)
_changeDegree 5 1 or 1-5 (if you know the ruling-direction u or v)
then you can
step by step.
as your data seams like a approximation / you might also just do a
using all Edges as input
anyhow the screenshot looks like there will be problems with open edges - depending on the next step, evaluate with
_showEdges / naked Edges

hope that helps, kind regards to Bavaria (my native country too) -tom

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Thank you, I will try that tonight - with plenty of time, greeting from Bavaria!

Hello - just a thought - try running the CreaseSplitting command and set that to No. Import your file - are the surfaces single surfaces? If so, Rebuild them in the long direction. Turn crease splitting back on again…


To be honest it seems much more practical to construct rail curves through the main edges and reengineer the hull as 2-rail sweeps.