How to create light but accurate mesh from set of points or 3d curve

What I want to achieve is creating mesh from 3d curve with fast calculating time.
My first approach was to use delaunay mesh but happens to not work in all cases.

As these curves are drawn over the mesh and all the curves are closed, It could possible to trim it. But would not be fast enough to test for multiple times.

I’m assuming that something like concave hull can solve this problem.
It was already covered in forum before, but the links are broken.

I found another links that provide python script or something in the forum that I could download (forgot where it was) but didn’t work with multiple data.

I go about this by making patch surfaces from the curves and then meshing those…

Just to say link to 2d alpha shape is not broken. You must be a member of milkbox to see scripts

I must be stupid to miss it…!
After several test, so far the patch solution seems to work well.