Mesh from concave boundary points


(Avungyerd) #1

Hello guys

I’m trying to make a mesh from concave boundary points and some inner points in the boundary with delaunay mesh component though it doesn’t work as I expected
it generate mesh which covered recessed portion

does somebody know how to do it?? thank you in advance.

study frame.3dm (150.7 KB)
study (13.9 KB)

(Tim Stark) #2

Cull vertices outside your curve or try alpha shape:

(Avungyerd) #3

I followed your advice,but I can’t.
I want to remove the purple mesh area.
I want to make it generate mesh which covered recessed portion.

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

Just do that

concave (10.0 KB)

(Avungyerd) #5

Thanks to you,the problem has been solved!
Thank you very match!