Closed mesh made of points in space

Hi! Im trying to make a closed mesh (sphere style) with the points I created, but for some reason I am not getting to the result. Anybody knows what can be missing? I am not a frequent user of Grasshopper, I would be very grateful if somebody can help me out! (20.6 KB)

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Can’t really work with your file as it comes in like this (and I’m missing your plug-ins):

Is your closed mesh supposed to include or be made of all the vertices?

If not, you could grab a 3D Convex hull from the MeshEdit or make a ‘point volume’ ?

You can also internalize the points and share that file to get some quicker help


Thanks for your answer. This a definition without plug-ins and with the other parts erased.

I tried using a 3D convex hull, but couldnt make it happen. Maybe I was using it wrong. (10.1 KB)

What about this?

Made out of all the vertices. That way I can change the form depending on the length of the amplitud and the number of points I create. (9.5 KB)

You can probably use 3D Delaunay cell (from MeshEdit) plus “Alpha Shape” from @laurent_delrieu:

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Thanks René! And is it possible to do it without script?

As it is ordered it is not a great complexity to recreate a mesh

I just has to repeat first data to close the mesh on the meridian. (12.7 KB)


Awesome as always Laurent - I was about to say it seemed the alpha shape method, or the point volume method, still left a point here and there unaccounted for. Thanks. How would you close this mesh? Fragment patch on the naked opening?

I will add points on the pole and make a fan. Delaunay mesh could also work. But I had no time it is time to sleep in France.


Ok, kick ass - Rest up!

Thank you Laurent! And if I want to smoothen the new mesh, what would you recommend?

Catmull&Clark or SubD

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Thank you very much Laurent! Very grateful! Is there any possibility that you can send me the last definition please?

not so much change (8.2 KB)

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Thank you!

Hi Laurent
This works in ver 7 but doesnt seem to work in 8 even though I installed “normalize”.
Do you have the same problem ?

I will have a look but I still don’t use R8 by default as I didn’t purchase it.
I also try to install ghshadernode without success. Normalize doesn’t appear.
Normalize just duplicate data ! So I change it with simple components.; I closed the mesh with Pufferfish component (19.9 KB)

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Hi Laurent, I tried closing the mesh creating the polar points and using delunay (like you told me), but havent managed to close it. Is there any other way to do it?

There are many ways
Or you extract the points from your list
Or you extract Naked Edges and you join them then use points.
I also added a middle point.
Delaunay must work if you provide a plane

Then join mesh … (20.5 KB)

You can make a fan, on middle point connected to 2 consecutive points (18.2 KB)

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