Surface/mesh from points


i have a bunch of points and I want to create a surface or a mesh from it. However, when I use the Delaunay mesh component, the created mesh is connects points that are far from each other.

I basically want a surface or mesh which looks like this:

Somebody knows how I can do this?


This topic has several potential solutions:

As Anders said. Plus:

In general (having in mind that a Del Mesh is OK for “planar” collections):

  1. If the goal is a Surface then Patch (in most of cases requires 2 passes) is a way to do it.

  2. If the goal is a Mesh you need a proper BallPivot algo OR a Boundary for exluding (with various ways) Del Mesh Faces . In this case that Boundary is a Concave (not Convex) Hull. That’s rather easy via code but I have no idea where to find something “ready” around.

TIP: avoid - if possible - reverse engineering: is waaaaay beter to mastermind some rational approach at pts creation time (for the “grid” layout captured is rather elementary).

Given the opportunity: here’s what a Concave Hull is:

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thanks for your response.
What component do you mean by patch? Bc when I use the patch component, I get a rectangle.


Indeed since Patch yields a Surface: you’ll need a Boundary in order to attempt to Trim the result.

For the above collection the Concave Hull approach doesn’t work (upper left 5 points).

Before going into rather comples ways to cut the mustard (if is possible) explain what is the goal: what is that grid (for instance: is column positions in some terrain?), how is related with the desired result (for instance: if we talking about columns you need the building excavation boundary?) etc etc.

surface-mesh-from-points_158409 Edited (9.9 KB)

Guess this is one way.

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