How to Create a Title Block?

I watched a few videos on Vimeo about using annotation and making drawings, but the webinar host assumes I already know how to create and define a title block for inserting in a layout. I do not. What is the right way to create and save a title block for inserting later?


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It’s all in here:

In response to your title block question, draw an A3, A2 and A1 border at1:1 in model space and set out all your text (at the same scale for each size!) Once you are happy with this and you’ve put it on the correct layer you want just copy it and past it into the new layout.

The pasted item will be the correct scale so if it doesn’t fit check your dims of both the title block you’ve drawn and the layout dims you set up.

Once you’re happy save it.

Thanks for the info 2dCube.