Create title block

I would like to create and save a master title block in Rhino 6 for Mac.

Hi - is there anything stopping you from doing so?

I don’ no where to start. Is it drawn in the Layouts window or in Rhino3d as a layer for example

do you want to have a template which includes such a title block which you would have access to whenever you start up rhino? if so just save it as template. or did i misunderstand something

Thats exactly right, I want to create a title block template. I just need to know where to draw it, In Rhino 3d as a layer or in Layout.

that depends where you want to have it :smiley: if you like to work rather with layouts then just make a layer there, but i dont do title blocks currently so my suggestions may not serve practical accuracy.

I guess I would prefer to make it in Rhino3d as something I can past in. Is it that simple… Draw the lines to create the block and add text? The next thing would be is how to do Auto Text? i.e Page number, date, drawing name etc

you can also ping pong objects between layout and rhino canvas, there are a few commands. regarding auto text, rhino uses something called rhino text fields which have some functions for dynamic text, but dont get your hopes up right now.

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Hi - In Rhino 6, you’ll have to create your lines and text (with text fields) on a layout and save the file as a template. Then, when you create a new file from this template, you will want to copy the layout and change the information (both text and views in the details). All this means that you’ll likely have one too many layouts in each file. The alternative is to import your template layout from a different template file.

In Rhino 7, attributed blocks were introduced and you can now save the template Title Block as a block definition. You can then simply insert that block when you need it. When you insert the block, you will be asked to provide values for text fields that are not automatic. Also, Rhino 7 introduced a lot of new text fields and improved some of those that are in Rhino 6.

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Typical, I bought a single user licence for Rhino 6 (€1250) and then a month later Rhino 7 came out and couldn’t really justify spending another €350.
I try your Rhino 6 suggestion

contact they might grant you an upgrade since there is i believe a period for recent purchases. not a promise that it still works but better try than be angry about it.

Oh thanks…! Might be a little late but I will give it a try…

Please, how do i originate a title block for rhino 7 for mac?

I’d like to pull a title block template into my drawings to then fill in the boxes specific tot ha drawing.

Hi Derek -

Rhino doesn’t yet come with pre-defined T/B sample templates for layouts. That’s something that we are looking into for Rhino 8.
I’ve posted this example in the past: