How to create a shell around this object?

I need to create a shell around the bottom of this object. (the one that is highlighted yellow)
Does anyone know how to do it?

BALM.3dm (944.7 KB)

can you define what shell around means? do you want to thicken the mesh? if so OffsetMesh would do, otherwise you might have to explain a bit more

I want to create an inner portion to the bottom section so a wall of 7mm lets say

Offset mesh

that is not an easy task with your complex mesh, offsetting inwards obviously fails and your geometry is fairly small, so creating a wall with a thickness of 7mm is going to take up almost the entire volume. to clean it up you might fiddle with Quadremesh and Convert to Subd maybe patch some sides but that is quite a long way. no fast one two click solution here.

Hello - I think I would start by isolating the outer shape from the ends and the flat mid-plane. You can do this by Unweld (~60 degrees) and then Explode. You may need to UnweldEdge a few edges to get the separaration. Then, buiild a new simple surface that is at about the offset you want, mesh that surface and combine it with the outer mesh. I’ll see if I can cook up an example.
Is something like this the goal?


Omg yes! but then in the cavity the other bit sits inside!

Hello- I am not sure how to interpret your comment but here is a file that may be of some help in working out how to do this.

BALM_maybe.3dm (1023.0 KB)


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