Changing mesh object size and make a layer around the object

I am scanning some objects with the same average shape but with some different variations on size.

i want to create a thin layer around the whole object that is, let us say 1-2 mm thick.
Then i want to 3d print this layer so when it is done, i can cut a hole with a knife and place the object inside.
I might have to make the inner part with a bit of tollerance so it will fit. maby 0.5 mm extra.

How can i do this with python?


Does the OffsetMesh command help you?

yes that could be helpfull, but i dont see how i could make a thin layer from it.
i can offsett one time with an offsett of 0.2 and the again with my wanted thikness, let us say 1.5 mm,
and maby som sort of boolean opperator.

I have done some testing and i am able create a layer around the original object, but it has no thikness.
I belive my main problem is that i do not know enough about modeling in general. i also have some issues with normal direction when i use the offsett command, but i saw it somewhere on the forum how to check the normal direction in python so i guess im able to figure that out. :wink: