Shell Command Troubleshooting

Hi Rhino Community, I have created geometry (see image) using grasshopper which i have baked into rhino. I am trying to give the object a thickness, so that it is more realistic but the Shell command doesnt seem to work properly with my geometry, when i convert it to a mesh and then offset the mesh i also encounter problems… Does anybody have any tips on how to get either of these commands to work with my geometry? OR am I doing this the wrong way? Should i be using a different method altogether? I have attached the .3dm file if it helps.
Thanks In Advance!!!

vase.3dm (302.4 KB)

Hi Deniz- a couple of things-

  • your object is only ~10mm high- I am not sure what you intend but maybe you had inches in mind?
  • Cap the obiect (Cap command) then Shell, choosing one of the caps, presumably the top one, as the surface to remove.
  • the result is not bad, at .05, but not solid either- there will be some cleanup to do. The radius of curvature is quite small near the top, close to .05, which is probably what is causing problems - any time you offset by the radius of curvature or more, things will not work out well.