How to create a RADIUS from joining lines

Hi guys.

Im trying to create my first ever complete parametric sketch that I will use later to extrude and Bolean remove.

But now I just want to create my sketch with the imputs I need.

Question is, I have 2 lines meeting at 1 point and I want to inrtoduce a radius on that corner, in grasshopper.

Can anyone please help me. Thank you. Ian

cut plane (10.0 KB) cut plane construct.3dm (29.9 KB)


Check this

cut plane (9.9 KB)


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Peacock plugin has a nice feature.

cut plane (16.1 KB)
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Hi BVR. your fantastic . thank you for the fast help :slight_smile:
One little question, I can only move the radisu upto a value of 40… why cant i increase the radius more ? even when both my lines are 100 plus in lenght ?


You can simplify your script:
cut plane (19.6 KB)

Or more simple:

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oh thats really cool !! i just installed peacock and bang… works like a charm…

Thanks guys for the super ideas and feedback !! :slight_smile:

Fillet have its limitation due to Line/Curve length.

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