How can I build lines like this?

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I’d really like to know how to build such lines in grasshopper. As the points get nearer to the center, the angle of the lines should be increased. Any idea?

spiral_1.3dm (3.6 MB)


Have a look at the attached def. I didn’t use your points. (14.0 KB)

Points are internalized, no need for Rhino file: (11.7 KB)

Wow! Thank you so so much!

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continuing on the file HS-Kim created: (17.2 KB)
line rotation

Hello Mark!

Thank you very much for the solution! I wonder if its possible to set these little lines in a fixed length?
Here is the gh file I made now. Can you take a look ?

Vanko (11.2 KB) (14.5 KB)
Line SDL expects a number for L (length); just feed a single number into L for a fixed length. I have disconnected the multiplication component and connected the slider direclty into L input.

thank you very much!!!