Creating rectangles

I’m new to grasshopper and forum and probably my question is basic but I’m really struggling to solve it. So I want to create separate rectangles (as shown below), I separated outer lines and inner and I duplicated the inner lines however not sure how to connect lines to create rectangles.

I’m attaching rhino file and GH definition.

I would really be thankful if someone could help me with it.!

rectangle.3dm (34.4 KB) (31.9 KB)

Try this

That what i was trying to get! thanks a lot!

Further to that how to group them together ? I partition the list so every region union is on it’s branch however and tried to extract it through “point in curve” but that doesn’t give me what I need
And is there any component that could extract the single block which were left over?
Sorry for so many question… (27.9 KB)

Welcome @klaudiayo,

If you inspect your current definition more closely, you’ll find that you already have all the information that you need.

Look here! All that remains is to join the already well-structured lines into closed polylines.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by your second question, but maybe this is it. And don’t be sorry about asking questions! After all that is, what this place is mainly for. (26.6 KB)

Thanks for your response but it’s not exactly what I’m after. I’m trying to create separate blocks so after I can extrude them in different height (I’m attaching script) and then select the highest block and connect it to other group of blocks and create kind of bridge between blocks groups if7run - cluster separte (53.9 KB) that makes sense

Judging by your file, you seem to have this working.

You can sort your boxes with their extrusion heights and get the last item (-1) from the sorted box list in order to find the highest box in each cluster of boxes.
For creating the bridges between the highest boxes of different box clusters, you might want to define a couple more rules to make it more straightforward. Maybe the highest box of a cluster can only connect to the highest box of the closest, other cluster(s). Connections may also only happen in direct line of sight to avoid bridges penetrating through undesired boxes. You also absolutely need to figure out where the bridges would preferably be placed!

it works! thanks a lot! I’m trying to sort it now, wish me luck !

site corrected.3dm (1.9 MB) Hopefully last question. I did selected the same height in building to create bridge, however when I join the lines the are crossing… I’m not sure how to change the order of some of them, as when I shuffle some of them are connecting correctly some of them not+ sometimes it doesn’t give the closest points

. Any idea?13- bridges - (47.8 KB)