Fillet polyline question

good evening everybody,

I am trying to create a polyline with different (9.9 KB)

I have attached the script.Would be awesome if someone could have a quick look.

Thank you for your support

How about that?

Join the two curves in the end, to get a closed polyline.

And to the question in your script. The error in polyline showd up, because you plugged in the 4. Point twice into merge.

Hope I could help you. (12.1 KB)

Seems to be some difference between Tim’s interpretation and mine… I tried using the Fillet at Parameter component but it doesn’t seem to like closed curves - maybe I’m mistaken - so I tried a different approach and broke your curve into eight pieces, with endpoints corresponding to your points and then filleted each one separately according to your scheme. I agree with Tim about the zero length message. (21.6 KB)

thank you Tim and Ethan.
really appreciate your support.

Yes i plugged in point 4 twice.

tim, could you upload the is easier to the png some wires are overlapping which makes it harder to recreate.thank u.

ETHAN, i am studying ur approach at the moment.will post some questions a bit later.would be great if you could have a look tomorrow.
thanks again to both of you.:+1::+1::+1:

Peacock have the component Fillet Polyline which is for do this. (24.4 KB)

(not need to install to use this def.)


You’re welcome. But script was already uploaded :slight_smile:

thanks Dani,

I downloaded Peacock and it’s perfect for what I want to do!!!

Can only recommend it.

how do i do this on a single curve ?