How to create a more realistic material render

Hello! I am fairly new to rhino, and I have a completed signet ring that I am attempting to make more realistic by playing with the material and environment. I like the direction it is heading, but the rectangular symbols on the signet ring (as well as the whole top/front of the ring) is looking a bit dull. There doesn’t seem to be reflection or shine there. How do I go about fixing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

sun.3dm (17.2 MB)

Hi Juliana - thise are all parallel planes with computer-sharp edges to the sides- adding some softening to the edges - ApplyEdgeSoftening - will help pick out the edges which currently are perfectly sharp and not reflecting a range of background. You could also add proper fillets with FilletEdge but if it is for the image only, I would use edge softening - it’s a trick rather than a modification of the model geometry.


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There are a lot of tutorials available, specifically aimed at what you do. Like this one:

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Thank you so much for the knowledge and help! I am going to try that!

I happened to watch this video the other day! It helped a good amount, but I am still not fully there yet with my render. Thank you for your help and sharing this resource!

Soft edges and a more advanced studio HDRI should help. Maybe HDR light studio is something for you if you render jewelry often.