How to create a bundle of bent rods in Grasshopper

I am trying to create a structure made of bundles of bend rods. I have already got the form but at the moment struggling with multiplying the supporting pillars from just 1 single rod to a full bundle of rods polar arrayed around the main rod. Any tips on how I can achieve this? (example picture attached)
Thank you so much in advance!

new (22.6 KB)

Not on my pc now but I think you can use a spiral on a curve. I may have this component in my Nautilus plugin.
On use more realistic tool like this one

If no twisting. Using aligned perpandicular frame could help.

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One quick way would be to loft circles at perpendicular frames, take isocurves then pipe these: (9.8 KB)


There is no twisting just simply flow along the main rod. I will have a try on the plugin, thanks a lot for helping Laurent!

Oh wow Daniel this is great, exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!

If you need twisting this solutions seems to work. You just have to to the Math depending on the number of tube you want around. Helix/Spiral on curve is in Nautilus plugin.

new tower (25.4 KB)

And also you could look at this discussion that was never ended well.

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Wow this is very neat and gave me the control over the twist. However, if I would like the bundle to have zero twist, my only option is to set the turn count as low as possible ?

Did you try 0 turns ? If it doesn’t work it is a bug. I will have to correct that for 0.9 version

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It was not really a bug as I used a Rhinocommon method.
But I added a patch when pitch and turn count =0
It will be in next version