How to Flow geometry on multiple curves by using grasshopper flow

Hello everyone,
I created a twisted pipe in grasshopper
(First a line in x axis then move little bit z axis then polar arrey,
Then twist, then pipe and now i have to flow it on multiple targets at same time.
But I’m unable to give target except one)
Please help me.

If you post your file with its internalized geometry that would be very helpful.
Then awesome guys like @Japhy and others can get a better look at your problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Ryan,
Here is my files of grasshopper.
twisted (12.6 KB)

I’m using get geometry, but I’m trying to flow that base object on multiple targets, with same function get length and add twists.

I have not figured out your problem. I am still learning myself. It looks like maybe the problem is in the Twist component. Not positive on that.
This topic may be helpful.
How to create a bundle of bent rods in Grasshopper - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

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Right lick your input curve node, and select multiple curves, then either select the right-click Graft option on the same node, or put a Graft component between you curve container and your downstream logic.


Thanks a lot Richard sir, i did as you advised now it’s working. I got what i was trying to get from this code.:pray:

Thanks a lot Rayan, As per your advice i uploaded the code and Richard helped me.
Now code is working.
It’s fixed with your help.

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If you haven’t already, spend some time and learn how datatrees work. You will understand when you need to graft your data.

I didn’t spent time to learn, but now I’ll.
It’s my very early stage, that’s why i don’t know about what to study or how many minimum topics are there.

Start here: Very well organized beginner series
1.1 Welcome to “Introduction to Parametric Modeling” - YouTube

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