Creating perpendicular support arch to a bundle structure in Grasshopper?

I am trying to create a structure made of bundles of bend rods. Following previous topic I have created (thanks to those who gave help!) How to create a bundle of bent rods in Grasshopper
I am trying to add supporting arches (same thickness as the round discs) right inbetween in between each round grey discs which has to be perpendicular to the bundled tubes.

Any tips on how I can achieve this?
Thank you so much in advance!

(ps. number 2 is a rough doodle of the arch)

20231008_Bundling test.3dm (258.4 KB)
bundling_supporting (24.2 KB)

Your file reaches a solution more quickly if you utilize proper DataTree management.

Pretty similar to what is already present in your file. Perhaps something like this (should be enough to get you started).

bundling_supporting (25.3 KB)


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Thanks for the help Kevin