How to convert mesh .3ds files into smooth nurbs and solids?

Hi Guys! Newbie here.
I have downloaded a .3ds model and would like to model it in Rhino as I would nurbs. My questions are:

  1. Should I use .3ds files to begin with?
  2. I’ve used the MeshToNurbs command, but the resulting nurbs surface is not very smooth, it has many polygons.
  3. When I use the OffsetSrf command it takes a very long time to create the resulting solid.
    I think I’m doing something wrong here, help much appreciated.
    G_SHEPRD.DXF (1.3 MB)

Some info on this type of operation…

To be expected based on the above info…

If you must have NURBS, you will most likely need to remodel your mesh object “by hand”, as animals/people etc. are difficult to find in NURBS format. Creature modeling is not an easy task with NURBS.

The question is, do you really need NURBS? What are you going to do with the model? For rendering, 3D printing or machining, a mesh will work fine. If you just need to offset it, you can try OffsetMesh. Otherwise, you may need to use some specific mesh-modeling software, as this is not Rhino’s strong suit.


Thanks Mitch. That’s the answer i’m looking for. I’ll read into modelling with nurbs.