Closed polyline into solid surface

Hi, how do I transform this piece into closed solid without redrawing the profile?
I DupEdge-ed just in case and its a joint poly…Thanks in advance

Cap should work if the edges are planar.

It is a closed curve.

Are then ends dead flat? If so, join the surfaces, then run the cap command-

if not you’ll need to make a few surface that close off the end, this may require you to use splitedge and break up the edges to correspond with the existing edges.

you’ll then loft the corresponding edges together to make a path of surfaces that close up the.

It’s a Closed polycurve with 10 curve segments. I can’t cap it, and I have multiple of these in different shapes so it will be a hard one to do on the remaining pieces, which are way more complicated. Could it have something to do with the way I open the file?
It is a dxf file.

can you post the file?

CR-7.dxf (114.9 KB)

your curves are axonometric drawings.

You can copy the profile, rotate it 90 degrees, join the curves, then extrude and cap. this will give you a solid part.

It worked, thank you!

Or to reduce it to the minimal set of commands, you can select the profile curves:

and run the Extrude Planar Curve | Straight command from the Solid menu:

giving you a solid:

Great, is worked much quicker, thanks a bunch!