How can I close an object with a non-planar edge made using Sweep?

Hi, I need to close a curved object made using ‘Sweep1’, but because the edge is non planar ‘Cap’ isn’t working? It’s going to be a small, 3D printed model of a brick structure so has a lot of little notches on it that seems to be making it difficult.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to close this object?

One option would be to draw planes that intersects the ends. Then Trim the sweep with the plane, trim the plane with the sweep, and Join the results.

That said, if the profile curve was closed and planar, then both ends of the sweep should be planar too and Cap should work.

A 3dm file would be far more useful in this case than an image.

waystation for print.3dm (7.1 MB)

Here’s the 3dm file, with everything kind of messy. I got one end to work using patch, but this still doesn’t quite seem like the best way.

Here’s your problem:

Fix your profile curve so it’s planar, then the sweep will have planar ends and will Cap.

Thank-you! Working perfectly now.