Cap end points of pipes with thickness

Hello all,

I am unable to achieve a pipe with thickness and a cap it only at the end points.
This is the line I have to make into a pipe

This is the problem

There are a lot many brep edges at the meeting point of each of these lines, also at the ends,
and the capping happens at all the end points of the pipe incuding the meeting (24.2 KB)

Is there a cleaner way to make these hllow pipes with say 5mm thickness. The output should be a mesh which is to be used for further analysis on autodesk inventor.

you want make union of the pipes or what ?
and what you mean by lot of many edges ?

A union mesh of the pipe should be the output.Since I am analyzing material in inventor using Nastran, these pipes must be in single mesh with thickness.

If you see the meeting point , the pipes are terminating inside the other pipe, which should’nt be the case.

My suggestion for these types of situations is always - make a sphere at the intersection point whose radius is just slightly larger than that of the pipes; then union that with the pipes.

So what I am trying to do again here is, taking the end points of the line, Define a plane with normal using a vector created by the end points of the line.
Create two circles of internal and external dia, loft the outer both and the inner both.Then cap it.
But what about the joints though
Also loft not happening.

before use thickness ; apply flat cap to the pipes than use union to create one brep than deconstruct the brep and remove the caps and apply thickness.
your have include kangaroo component which i don’t have and i can’t see the pipes correctly

for the sphere simply use the end point as center of the sphere component

like that ?

No,just the pipes.Cant the ends be without the socket, just the pipes attached

follow my previous post

If not kangaroo, can you please show how using the output from python.

Did not understand very well

is this python script in your definition?

yes there is.

i don’t understand why you use the script or kangaroo or what you want create
this is how you create solid from pipes

solid (7.0 KB)

Hi Seghier Khaled. There is a long process of generating points to lines to pipes.Therefore I use the same file for generating pipes.Thank you for your time.This worked, nevertheless in some cases solid union isn’t working.

Do you have the GH script available for this?
I am struggling to create the cut outs and the spheres on the intersection points.



In the same script posted here add spheres in the same input with other pipes