How to choose multiple edges?

Rhino has any command to choose fast edges?
Like Edge Loop - Ring in 3dsMax?
Or like Sketchup clicking double?


Try SelChain, you can change the settings if you don’t the type of chain you want. It’s in the Select toolbar, looks like a chain.

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anyone know, please help me!

I use the SelU and SelV commands for control point editing. They do the ‘loop select’ for nurbs control points in u and v directions. If you edit meshes in rhino, I don’t know what selection commands to use, try in the command line by writing sel and reading the autocomplete, maybe you find something more there.


you can use box selection with Ctrl+shift from the front view to select those edges. I don’t think there is a way to chain those elements because they are entities of diferent surfaces.