How to change the topology of a cylinder?

I wanted to change the topology of a cylinder, so that the edges form 45º instead of being parallel and perpendicular to the ground.

Is it possible from Grasshopper, or is there a plugin?


Have a try Lunchbox or Ngon plugin…

Without plugin you can use diagonalize from Kangaroo>Mesh tab (6.1 KB)


Thank you!
And, is it possible that they form 30, 75… degres instead of just 45?

Edit: I have seen that there are UVs with the plugins

That’s just depending on the aspect ratio of the square grid generated from the U & V division count.

The angle will be a function of the ratio of u/v divisions and the height/radius of the cylinder.

I wanted to say that the vertex of the diamons are not in the same vertical collumn.

Like rotating the full grid.
I tried modifying the UVs of the other plugins, but you get the same results, the vertex are always aligned in a vertical collumn.

That would only be possible for certain angles if you want the pattern to be continuous across the seam.
For arbitrary angles the grid won’t match up (12.5 KB)

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Thank you :full_moon_with_face: