How we can do this shape in grasshopper ( mesh with specific shapes and angles in U and V direction)

hello everyone.
can you pls help me to understand how we can model this shape in grasshopper.

the rhino file
Structure for Grasshopper.3dm (5.3 MB)

There’s a lot of repetition going on, so I assume you only have to worry about creating two shapes; the long box-like girders and the connectors.

How you approach this problem pretty much depends on what parts of the shape are user-specified constants and what parts follow from geometrical relationships. So which parameters do you want to be able to change?


yes I have just two shape. as u said the long box and the connection.
its enough if the code would be able to change the angles of this two box.

Okay, I’m assuming you’re talking about the rotation angle of the long box around it’s own long axis, and the rotation of the connector around the axis perpendicular to the box axes. But that still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. If you rotate the boxes too much, they’ll become lower than the connectors and thus cannot be used to trim those shapes any more. Also, rotating the boxes even slightly should expose part of the connector shape which are not in your uploaded file. What do these parts look like?

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yes if we want to change both shapes it gonna complicated.
for now, I think I can leave moving the big box and its enough to move the connection boxes.maximum 30 degrees its ok

A lot of the values are hard-coded, because I don’t know what the underlying logic of the shapes is. vague (23.4 KB)

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thank u so much David.
this is exactly that i wanted.
just can u pls help me how is it possible to add the long boxes to this code?
the long one doesn’t need to move just how we can add as geometry to make it as an original model.

vague (12.5 KB)