Warping and changing geometry in rhino grasshopper, I am a complete noob


I am trying to edit a circular surface so I can make the form appear wavy, a curvilinear wave sloping up and down . I’m not sure the best way to do this. I thought if I could divide the circle edge into points and move the points up or down to manipulate the surface and achieve the desired result.

How could I start by going about making this geometry?

For context : I am trying to create a site orientation diagram and in this case, I thought about placing the space in the ground, with stairs around the outside descending into the interior, I don’t want to create stairs for a simple diagram, but I thought a slope would be good

As I say, I am a noob to grasshopper and not sure where to start, I can imagine a work flow of what could produce my desired effect but not sure on the syntax/ usage of commands.

Thank you for any response! much appreciated

I made something that replicated what I want to do, but its quite arbitrary.

this command is under transform > morph > flow
and allowed me to move the control points and bake the difference between two curves made from the surface of the circle. how could I edit the shape precisely, and uniformly would be my main question.