3D elongated Voronoi design

Hello everyone

Please, I need your help

Does anyone know how to design (by grasshopper) a 3D cylinder with elongated Voronoi. That means when you look from top view it will look like a point, but from front view looks like a rectangle. I have attached an example pic of the Voronoi type. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Screenshot (146)

Hi @zainab_zakaria

You can map a pattern in an elongated form by deforming it from a base rectangle to the target surface, and varying the aspect ratio of that rectangle. You can also use this approach to vary the size in one axis, which gets mapped to the u or v direction of the target surface

map_pattern.gh (13.9 KB)


Thank you very much for the help.

But I want the shape of the cylinder to be like the one shown in the attached pic. Is it possible? I mean changing the Voronoi style.

What about something like this
Voro3Dedges.gh (8.3 KB)


Thanks a lot :pray: I want the elongated Voronoi style to be applied to the cylinder.

I think you can just use a toroidal Brep with my previous sketch and then scale it along x and y dimensions while keeping z dimension constant.

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