Appearance of a selected item? Is it possible to change?

Hi there guys,

Is it possible to change the appearance of a selected item? I mean, I know I can change the color of the selection…

or using the key properties (Rhino.Options.Appearance.SelectedObjectColor) or the direct option on appearance…

But what I really need is not changing the color, but change a line stroke or something like that. Is it possible to use the selection color the same as the object’s color and use a dashed line stroke? Even in shaded object it could be a dashed line aspect? I mean a lot of times I have objects to center on other references and I always need to extract edges from the obects to center, then I hide the selection, I just use the new edges over the references to move them so I can see clearly what I need and when centered, use the original objects where I extracted the edges to put over those edges (already centered over the references)

I think that if i had a selection line style to customize could be much more effective.
Many thanks!

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Hello - there is really not a lot you can do, currently, I’m afraid, if I understand the request - you can set shaded object selection per display mode but I don’t think that helps here.

This is the open item on our pile -