How to change point size on views using Rhinocommon C#

Is there any Rhinocommon C# method to change point size of existed point objects on views?

How a point object is displayed is controlled by the view’s display mode (e.g. wireframe, shaded, rendered, etc.).

For example, pick Tools -> Options -> View ->Display Modes -> Wireframe -> Objects -> Points. Here you can change how a point object draws.

Here is an example of modifying a display mode. The example changes the thickness of mesh wires. But this should give you a good idea of how to proceed.

Hi Dale,

I visited the said example before. It is found that a DisplayModeDescription.DisplayPipelineAttributes object offer CurveThickness and MeshSpecificAttributes properties to change curve thickness and mesh curve thickness in a view port. However, there is not any property for change the pixel size of a visible point.

As far as I can see this is not exposed in RhinoCommon, only in the C++ SDK under CDisplayPipelineAttributes::m_nPointSize

Hi Menno,

Thank for your information. Since there is not RhinoCommon function to change point size, I may build a button to call up ‘OptionsPage’ command.

I’ve added an issue for this:

Also, I don’t see a way of modifying this parameter by way of the -Options command - sorry.

Of course, you can modify this using C++…