How to change Backface color

Hi everyone!

I want to apply different color on surface or mesh.(Display - Object settings - Color Backfaces - Backface color)
There were few topics use Backdiffuse. I read that topics and tried to apply but it’s hard to me.
And I have no idea the Backdiffuse is correct solution…
So I got a few question.

  1. How to change Backface color using rhinoscript or Rhino common sdk?
  2. Can I use Backdiffuse in Rhino 5 windows? Now I using Rhino 5 in windows.
  3. Is there any site or doc which explain how to use Rhino common by python?

Thank you.
Jinwook Kim.

Hi @jinwook_Kim,

Are you trying to dynamically draw objects with a different back face material color? Or are you trying to change the back face material color of an existing advanced display mode, as see in Options > View > Display Modes?


You might start here:

– Dale