Can't Change Object Color

I received this file from some consultant. It is an import from Revit. the issue i have is that there is no way for me to change the display color of the objects.
They are polysurfaces, not blocks, all settings are set to -bylayer. Still, it display with the same colors as I originally received. I explode and join the parts, color display is the same as before, not by layer. i have not been able to find a way of changing what color it displays.
The only solution we have found is exporting it to Rhino 5 and bringing it back to Rhino 7. but this seems a great super power we would like to understand.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sample.3dm (97.8 KB)

Hello - use RemoveperFaceColor to get it back to normal.


Thanks Pascal, that makes sense, I forgot about that!
There is no way to select all faces that has the same color?
similar to _SelColor but to select the faces… is there?

Hello - No… but there should at least be a way to select objects that have perface color or materials set… I’ll see if I can make something that works.


great! thanks a lot!

@SMN see the attached py - (671 Bytes)

It should select surfaces, polysurfaces and SubD objects that have per face display colors assigned. (not materials, I’ll get to that)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


thanks Pascal, this does work to find the objects that have this issue.
It helps to find the problematic objects, but its still painful to isolate/group/re-organize the file based on the color they came. On my case, I have a A LOT of geometry in few layers, and would be great to create sublayers based on the colors it came.
I wish there was a way to make the object color the same color that most of its faces uses, or use grasshoper to get the face color its been using to try to organize the information from there.
The color by face is helpful, but creates a different set of problems when trying to re-organize files.
Still thanks for your help.