How to bridge two extruded solids in Rhino?

I have created two solids by extrusion of a curve (a skirting of the wall), and need to somehow merge them on the angle of the wall, where two solids “meet”.
I cam to Rhino from Maya, Blender, Autocad and used to such command as “bridge”, which allows what I need.
But I have no idea and couldn’t find any information on how to do it in Rhino.

Would be grateful for any advice!
Screenshot is attached.

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Images are great but frequently a .3dm file with the geometry is even better. You can upload a file with by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post. No need to upload the entire project, just enough geometry to help understanding of your question and allow someone to possibly demonstrate a solution. You can create a file using Export and selecting the objects to include in the file.

Based on you image it looks like you want to file in a corner. Do you want square, mitered corner or a round corner?

Hi, you could extend each side so they are longer than needed. Then you could run a vertical plane through the area you want to split. This would be the mitered corner. It is just one way to do it.—-Mark

A method for mitered corners is to create the cross sectional curve and a polyline of the path. Place the cross sectional curve at one end of the polysline and Sweep1 the curve along the polyline.
Example: Sweep1molding.3dm (2.9 MB)

i’m not following, i opened the file but i’m not sure what you mean by the “polyline of the path”? from your description i’m imaging a polyline that is at 90 or some angle.

edit: nvm, i did what i just described and it worked. i had not idea sweep would follow a 90. nice. thank you.

A polyline along intersection of the walls and the floor for instance. It provides the path that the section sweeps along.