How to extrude such that both chunks connect along the filleted path?

I am trying to make a doorframe here.

what i’ve tried:

  1. scale 1d both then create a 45 degree surface to split them respectively then delete -> unable to split
  2. sweep 1 -> unable to order shape on rails

thank you so much for any help I’m stuck afsgssdhfkjhsgdoorframe.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hi Brittany - do you want a mitered corner there? There are a couple of ways to get there - you’re on the right track with that angled rectangle cutting through the corner - make that a little larger so it is bigger than the parts there and make a PlanarSrf from it. Then BooleanSplit the corner pieces and throw away the ‘ends’.


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Sweep1 should work in your case. What i did was i connected the 3 or 4 profiles into a single closed loop, then i traced the outer edge of the door frame, positioned the profile at the bottom left of the door frame, and performed a Sweep1.

With that, the trimming and connecting is automatically taken care of.

best, aa

doorframe_fixed.3dm (329.5 KB)

Thank you all so much!!!

Now I have another problem when I am trying to practise the sweep 1 command:
It looks perfect in the preview:

But after I press “Ok” the right part is gone:

doorframe 2.3dm (2.0 MB)
(the other side of the doorframe has this problem too)