How to bend a sinusoidal wave around a circle?

Hi Rhino users,

I need to bend a wave around a circle, not necessarily at this diameter. I tried the bend command but it didn’t work.
Any help is welcome.


Sine Wave.3dm (55.6 KB)OE_54_7_074104_f004

Hello- Flow should work.


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for the fast answer. I tried all the options in Flow, didn’t get the results. The Flash animation is not working in Help File.

Sine Wave.3dm (42.4 KB)

Hello - it should do something like this, depending upon which base line you pick.



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Dear @ludwig_19_91

Depending on your intent.

Bu using Flow, if the original linear Sine Wave Curve does not have the same length as the target curve, the final result may lead to a hybrid Sine Wave.

Helix + AroundCurve option may help to better get a more concrete result.

Rodolfo Santos